About the Series

This unique new series consists of 30 titles adapted from the popular Choose Your Own Adventure® series. These titles have been carefully rewritten to be easier for learners of English as a second or foreign language—yet remain engaging for fans of the original stories, too!

Choose Your Own Adventure® Graded Reader Series titles feature:

• A glossary. Each book has a glossary at the beginning, containing words that are useful to know in order to read that story.

• Maps and illustrations. Each title has ample new and original illustrations to help readers follow the story. Most also have a map, to help situate the reader.

• Simplified vocabulary. Where possible, difficult, high-level, or uncommon words have been replaced by higher frequency words.

• Simplified narratives. All CYOA stories have a simple narrative format; that is, they are told in the 2nd person and in the present tense. The complexity and length of sentences have also been reduced.

• Clear plotlines. In cases where fantastic or unexpected plot turns would have been too confusing for language learners, original plotlines have been cut or reworked for ease of reading.

• 80 pages and 10,000 words of story text. The number of endings ranges from 12 to 32, depending on the title.

About Choose Your Own Adventure®

The original Choose Your Own Adventure® series has sold over 250 million copies worldwide, making it one of the top five bestselling series of all time. It also spawned an entire genre called "interactive fiction".

What makes Choose Your Own Adventure® different is that you, the reader, are the main character. You make the choices that can lead to a happy conclusion—or to a terrible fate! Each title is made up of several branching storylines, with up to 30 different endings. As a result, most readers read each book again and again, experiencing a different story each time.

Originally targeted at reluctant readers, Choose Your Own Adventure® has helped to develop critical thinking, literacy skills, and an interest in reading for a whole generation of English native speakers.